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On today's episode, we talk to Sacramento film commissioner, Jennifer West. As a one-time Hollywood studio accountant, Jennifer West used to routinely play one of the most important roles on a movie set: She was the one who made sure megastars like Julia Roberts, Anthony Hopkins and Val Kilmer got their paychecks. Today, after a two-decade industry break, West wields a new kind of celluloid influence as Sacramento’s first-ever full-time film commissioner. She talks about building the city’s film office from scratch, nurturing the next generation of local auteurs, and her bold vision for creating a mini Hollywood of the North.

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On today's episode, we speak to the newly elected Sheriff of Sacramento County, Jim Cooper. 


Sheriff Cooper leads the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department which covers 700 Square miles, and a population of almost 2 million people, employing 1200 sworn officers, and over 600 support staff, is responsible for two jails, Sacramento and Elk Grove, and provides security at every court in Sacramento County. That's quite the job with an awesome responsibility. 


Jim Cooper is a 30-year law enforcement veteran and a strong advocate of public safety and victims’ rights. He is a former Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Captain who commanded several Divisions including the Main Jail, Work Release, Courthouse, High Tech Crimes (Against Children), Training and Reserves, and Narcotic and Gangs.

Jim Cooper has earned numerous awards, including the Bronze Star for Bravery for actions during the 1991 “Good Guys” hostage crisis. He also spent four years working as the Department’s spokesperson and nearly a decade working as an undercover narcotics officer and gang detective.


During his eight years in the Assembly, Cooper authored more than 30 public safety bills; including legislation aimed at cracking down on sexually violent predators, felony murderers, ghost guns, and school gun violence. Additionally, Cooper authored legislation to enhance DNA collection, improve Emergency Medical Response services, expand community policing, and increase access to rape kits.

Cooper was named Legislator of the Year by the California District Attorneys Association, the California Police Chiefs Association, and the California Narcotics Officers Association. He is also the recipient of Crime Victims United’s “Victims Defender Award.”

In this episode, We discuss what it takes to run the largest law enforcement department in our region, his time as a three-term California Assembly Member, his long career in law enforcement, and much more. 

Also, starting with this episode, you can now watch all episodes of the Rancho Cordova Podcast on our new YouTube Channel, "The Rancho Cordova Podcast".  If you have ever wondered where, and how we record our podcast, well tune into our new YouTube channel and take a look. 

We hope you enjoy this very informative episode of the Rancho Cordova Podcast.  

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Cheryl Gleason, MACC Event Coordinator/Curator


   The Show

The Rancho Cordova Podcast is a weekly show brought to you by the California Capital Film Office, the official Film Office for the City of Rancho Cordova, CA. 


The City of Rancho Cordova, a neighbor to the City of Sacramento, is an emerging urban center with a small-town feel. With over 79,000 residents and a daily workforce of 65,000+ makes, Rancho Cordova is one of the largest employment centers in the Sacramento region. Whether you call Rancho, All-America City, Playful City USA, or Tree City USA, its friendly and safe neighborhoods reflect diversity, opportunity, partnerships, and fun, making Rancho Cordova a community where anyone can live, work, learn and play. 


Every week we get in-depth with the goings on in our City. We speak with a cross-section of our community and divide our show into six different topics. 


Get to Know City Hall: we get up close and personal with the men and women who work hard every day to make Rancho Cordova “All America City” a distinction made twice (2010 & 2019) by the  "National Civic League” who’s mission is to “advance engagement to create equitable, thriving communities”, and Rancho Cordova certainly fits that description.


The "Business" of Rancho Cordova: We have in-depth conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners large and small, and take the temperature of the economic climate of our city. Rancho Cordova is a great place to do business and we find out why. 


Arts and Entertainment: Rancho Cordova is known as the “City of Events” and houses one of the best Art Complex in our region The MACC,  as well as a black box theatre, Symphony D'oro, a Swing Dance Band, a Barrell district featuring 5 beer breweries, a Kambucha Brewery, two distilleries, and a Meadery. Rancho features one of the largest July 4th fireworks displays and a whole slate of large outdoor events. We will speak to the folks who organize these yearly events and discuss what makes these events so great the year after and we will speak to the many artists that make Rancho Cordova their home. 


Rancho Cordova Sports: The history of Rancho Cordova is closely linked with some of the most talented athletes in the country, and has a uniquely powerful history of youth sports achievement. Rancho Cordova features one of the best and most prolific "Sports Hall of Fame" in the Sacramento Region with an induction ceremony yearly. Guest Host Mike Marando features a monthly show where he gets in-depth with many of the acclaimed sportsmen and women that had their start in our city.


Interesting People: Rancho Cordova is home to many interesting people with deep roots not only in our city but the region in general. These are the folks that made Rancho Cordova the city it is today. This segment features in-depth interviews with many of these interesting people as we get in-depth about their life and history in Rancho Cordova. 


So if you live in our city, the City of Sacramento, or surrounding cities in the Sacramento region, or are thinking about moving here,  you will find this podcast interesting, informative, and most importantly fun. 

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